At SLS, LLC, our Light Technicians are well versed in determining the best solution for our client’s lighting needs and what energy conservation measures will glean the most savings. Equipped with our advanced lighting software, our team will conduct a comprehensive facility’s lighting audit and provide the client with a detailed proposal that shows the benefits of the lighting upgrade from a savings standpoint and how quickly these savings allow clients to recoup their investment and add these savings back to their bottom line. This software, coupled with IES data files allows Sustainable Lighting Solutions to bring the client’s building up to the latest state and federal government established light-levels provided by OSHA. Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations on every level by providing them with the highest quality, energy efficient lighting, and improving overall safety.

  • Lighting System Design
  • Calculate existing fixture layout and design new lighting where necessary.
  • Determine existing lumen levels and bring all facilities to the required illumination levels.
  • Calculate energy savings and return on investment (ROI).
  • Design and engineer system to meet customer’s requirements focusing on specific tasks being performed.
  • Prepare data sheets, layout prints and lumen plans for client approval process.